David, Vernon Hills

David, Vernon Hills
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One day, I managed to lock myself out of my house (Dohh!). I called Karl, and about 15 minutes later, he arrived. It only took him two minutes to unlock the door! Then, he noticed that the doorknob was loose and that the lock needed some lubrication, so he fixed those problems as well…at no extra charge.

After seeing how easy it was for Karl to unlock my door, I began to wonder about how secure my home actually was. So I gave Karl a call, and asked if he would be able to visit my home to assess the state of my home security, and to give recommendations for improvements. Karl was quickly able to identify the weakest and most likely points of forced entry and offered solutions. He was well informed on tactics and techniques used by anyone that would want to gain forced entry into a home. What impressed me most, was that he did not just offer solutions from which he would profit, but also made other recommendations: If they could be done on my own, he carefully explained what I would need to do…if not, he provided references for reputable services that could do the job.

After consulting with Karl, I could see that my lock system was a problem. I had a standard locking knobs and deadbolts (installed by a general contractor). These locks would present little barriers to a would-be thief, as they can be easily carded, picked, bumped or drilled, a method that Karl deftly demonstrated. Also, the locking knobs make it easier for locking oneself out of their home. After visiting Karl’s shop to see examples of locks and discuss options, I selected new deadbolts that were card, pick, bump and drill resistant, giving me piece of mind that anyone interested in breaking in, would quickly leave and move on to an easier target. Simple unlocking knobs were selects as well to help prevent lockouts. When Karl installed the new hardware, he was very thorough in explaining why he was doing what he was doing (all of which made perfect sense). He was also very meticulous, making certain everything was installed properly and functioned to my satisfaction. I have had the new locks for three months now and they work perfectly!

Karl also told me about key-safes, one of which I purchased from him. A key-safe is a small impenetrable enclosure, installed outside the home, to securely hold a spare house key. Access is by code entry into a numbered keypad. This prevents lockouts if primary keys are lost, and allows access by emergency responders, relatives or friends.

I would highly recommend Karlock for lock replacements, key-safes and as a consultant for security improvements in your home. I am a very satisfied customer of Karlock! Talk to Karl today about your home security concerns!